“With over 1.35 billion active users and monthly active mobile users hitting 945 million, Facebook presents a bounty of marketing possibilities.”

Even although many people have moved away from Facebook it remains one of the mainstays in social media marketing for your hotel. With over 1.35 billion active users and monthly active mobile users hitting 945 million, Facebook presents a bounty of marketing possibilities. What makes Facebook advertising such a powerful option is the granularity than can be achieved when targeting very specific audiences. Google Adwords main method of determining relevance is based on keywords but Facebook can leverage the personal data gathered from users to display a very specifically targeted ad. The possibilities are endless and with a little leg work you can target you ads with pin-point accuracy. To get started you will need to choose basics such as age, gender and location. Your Facebook Insights page can point you in the right direction based on your historical data.

Facebook Hotel Insights

Once you have these basics sorted then things get interesting. Here are some scenarios to get you started:


Your hotel is a local favourite for weddings and honeymoons and you wish to widen your exposure beyond your town or city:

  • Set your location setting to your desired radius
  • Choose people whose relationship status is “engaged” and are interested in everything weddings
  • The Facebook ad builder will continuously update you on your selection and reach

Facebook Wedding


Your hotel is perfect for business. You have top class business facilities, a blanket of WIFI and a loyal guests who always stay with you when they visit your area for business:

  • The two key factors here could be level of education and job title
  • Also think if there are any large business headquarters or offices in your area and target these employers

Business Hotel


Your hotel cocktail bar or restaurant is a popular venue for birthday parties and you have a new range of packages especially tailored for birthdays. Or you offer a special on baby shower afternoon teas and want to promote your hotel as a favourite venue.

  • Birthday Scenario: Restrict your audience to those with an upcoming birthday
  • Baby Shower Scenario: Restrict your audience to expectant parents and interested in baby showers within a reasonable radius of your hotel


Some last points to keep in mind:

  • Keep checking the reach of the campaign as the more you narrow things down the fewer people you will reach
  • Create a new landing page or choose your most relevant page on your site
  • Add tracking parameters into your target URL to track results and measure your ROI – Build your URL here
  • Utilise any historical data you have to define the type of guest you are trying to reach