To Use Flash or Not? Adobe Flash Hotel Website Design

Mobile hotel website on iPhone

There is a time and place for Flash and if used correctly Flash can be appealing and attractive.  However all to often the use of Flash is at the expense of user experience and online marketing results. Poor indexation, non-compatibility with mobile devices, long load times, the list is long and depressing.

NEVER, EVER present your whole website in a single flash movie file. If a potential guest wanted to watch a movie they would have gone to the movie theatre. Not only is this a sure-fire way to severely hamper your online marketing efforts, it is also a major barrier to accessibility.

By the end of 2011 there will be over 100 million Apple devices that do not support Flash. As the demographic that uses Apple devices may be some of the most lucrative, it makes sense for hotels to support these devices. The best practice use for Flash is to utilise it just as you would use a static image. DO NOT use Flash for your hotel websites navigation. Do not use Flash in your hotels Booking Form. Do not employ a Flash Splash page that forces a user to agonise through some fancy fluff that your web designer insists is amazing.

If you decide to use Flash in your hotel website design, always ensure a static fall-back image is substituted if the browser does not support Flash.

The screenshots below demonstrates the failure to do so:

hotel website design