With Google+ here to stay it is a good time to cement Google+ into your organic SEO strategy. The team at UP hotel internet marketing have put together some reasons and helpful tips.

Why you should integrate Google+ into your Hotel Search Engine Marketing strategy:

  • The future of Google+ is sure.
    Unlike the other main social media platforms out there such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ has the full backing of the largest search engine in the world. Google+ is key to Google’s social network success and it makes sense that the two will work hand in hand. Leaving Google+ out of your social marketing strategy is a mistake you cannot afford to make.
  • Google+ is a very cost effective platform to reach your current and potential guests
  • Google+ is linked into the Google search results and Youtube.

Another great feature of Google+ is the ability to group your guests in circles. You can group your followers into circles based on their preference. For example you could share your latest business offer with guests who have indicated this preference, you latest family offer with…Not only can you share content with your circles but any +1’s should be factored into the search rankings resulting in higher listings for your content.