In the wake of Google’s announcement that they will officially release the Beta for Google Social Search.  I’m wondering how much impact this will have for hotels in the Search Engine environment.

Travel content will likely be one some of the main area published and shared by a Google “Social Circle” so this will have a direct impact on hotel rankings and listings.  The Google Social Search update could also provide great opportunities for hotels to optimize networks and connections, exploiting the increased exposure available.

So what does this mean for hotels, practically?  How can the Internet Marketing team benefit from this revolution in Google search?  Simply, pay attention to the data points that Google is using to and proactively attempt to make friends, followers, subscribers and connections in these areas.

Logically, creating a large social network and publishing good quality content through social channels will allow your hotel to naturally gain a lot more exposure, and now we have the added benefit of “bonus” rankings in Google! Go get optimizing for Social Search!