The announcement of Google’s +1 presents a number of interesting possibilities for hotel marketers. +1 is a method of recommending or giving a public stamp of approval to web-pages and content. This information is available to your friends, contacts and others. Recommendations made by those in your social circle will be available when you perform a search.

In order to use +1 you need to be signed in and have public Google profile. This allows you to recommend a search engine result. A new line appears underneath indicating that you have recommended this link and also giving the option to undo.

The second way of utilizing +1 is to add a button to your website content just as you would include a Facebook Like or Recommend button. If a user feels your content is useful they simply click the +1 button and their recommendation is pushed into Google system.

How can hotels make the best use of this new feature?

  1. Sign up for the experimental version: http://www.google.com/experimental/index.html
  2. Create a Google Profile at Google Profiles (https://profiles.google.com/me/createprofile/).
  3. Sign up here to be given the code for adding a +1 button to your website: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/plusonesignup/

It is believed that Google will use the +1 data as a signal in its ranking algorithm. The +1 button can be placed on your website content to facilitate the easy sharing or recommendation of your content. It should be placed alongside your other social media sharing buttons on content such as special offers and other valuable content such as local area info, festivals dates and maps.

View the video from Google below: