In his latest video, Matt Cutts addresses a very important issue in hotel internet marketing. Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?

In summary, they do not factor into the current ranking signals, but they could in the future. Despite the fact that they do not directly influence the ranking signals, it does make a lot of sense to provide visitors to your hotel website with the highest quality. Both images and text should be of good quality. Many hotels located in non-native English countries settle for crudely written English text. After reading just a few sentences, native English speakers are disappointed with this lack of effort. This of course does not only apply to English but to any of the languages your potential guests speak.

Therefore it is hotel internet marketing best practice to ensure the quality of your hotel’s website copy. If you cannot produce copy of the desired quality, then it is well worth hiring an external company or individual to provide you with quality copy.

Video below:

Article by David Ohandjanian