The world and the Internet have gone social. Websites and technologies such as Twitter and Facebook are seeing phenomenal growth. For example:

  • Twitter users send 1 billion tweets per week.
  • 177 million tweets were sent in just one day in March, 2011.
  • Facebook has more than 500 million active users
  • Individuals spend over 1 billion hours per month on Facebook

Thus a hotel cannot afford to ignore the benefits of hotel social media marketing.

Hotel Social Media Marketing Benefits – Improved Rankings

The benefits of hotel social media marketing are twofold. Not only can these social channels bring in qualified traffic but it can also affect your hotels organic search engine rankings. The major search engines have indicated that they now look to these social websites for signals for determining the final ranking of a hotels webpage.  Studies have shown that a high number of Tweets from authoritative Twitter accounts can significantly improve the ranking of a hotels webpage.

Hotel Social Media Marketing Benefits – The Official Experience

A major goal of all hotels should be to attract as many qualified visitors to their official website as possible. While a booking through an affiliate site might still result in revenue, it does nothing to contribute to future revenue. It should be your goal to have as much control over the booking experience as possible. Therefore it is far preferable to drive a booking through your official hotel website rather than through an affiliate. If a potential guest lands at your official hotel website you can ensure that they have the highest quality experience as possible.

The official experience should eclipse the affiliate booking experience with higher quality images, valuable information and the lowest price. Hotel social media marketing via social media channels are thus excellent tools to own the search results. As the image below demonstrates, implementing hotel social media marketing with official social media profiles can crowd out the affiliate website on brand name searches.

hotel social media marketing

As you would make your official hotel website link prominent on the social media profiles the official website is just a click away.