The time has come for hoteliers to take the new Social Media channels available to them seriously. Such channels can provide a host of benefits including:

  • Additional website visitors
  • Consideration earlier in the decision path
  • Opportunity for 3rd party recommendations
  • Extended Search Engine presence
  • Positive brand reflection
  • Increased exposure online
  • Ability to push offers / communication out cost effectively
  • Increased exposure to cutomers

Embarking into the world of successful social media presence involves far more than simply putting up a Facebook and Twitter page. For a start there needs to be a strategy behind the choice of channel and a comprehensive plan of what to use the new channels for, what are the goals for the hotel and also the utility for the friend / follower.

Other avenues can include:

  • A personal blog
  • You Tube Channel
  • Optimising your TripAdvisor Page
  • Flickr / Picasa
  • RSS Feeds / News
  • Niche Social Media website

Don’t be put off by the range of options available. Choose channels that you can successfully support and serve a decent purpose for both the hotel and the clients. Don’t just jump in with two feet without a well structured plan, this needs to work hand in hand with your Internet Marketing Strategy. Decide a way to measure your success, make sure that the new channel is not just an extra drain of your time.

If all of this seems too complicated, or you need someone to mentor you at least through the set-up of the channels, then use a company like UP Hotel Internet Marketing, who will have an experienced hotel industry specific expert advise you on Social Media Optimisation for your hotel.

Don’t miss out on the extended avenues of exposure and communication that the Social Media revolution offers to your hotel. The time has come to bite the bullet and get your hands dirty with you Social Media Plan.